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VPS Virtua-1
1 CPU Core
30 GB Storage
$1.00 / month
the price is valid for the first 3 months

VPS Virtua-2
1 CPU Core
50 GB Storage
$1.00 / month
the price is valid for the first 3 months

VPS Virtua-3
2 CPU Cores
70 GB Storage
$1.00 / month
the price is valid for the first 3 months

What is VPS hosting?

Hostloo – a well-known hosting vendor and an ICANN-authorized registrar, which is constantly evolving and advancing, offers a host of low-priced Virtual Private Servers. You can order both OpenVZ and KVM VPS plans.

The OpenVZ technology offers a more dynamic way to host your sites. This virtualization technology is open source-based, so it will continue to improve.

The KVM VPS hosting platform is more conventional and established, offering a well-tested and safe way to administer your VPS.

We offer you low-cost hosting solutions, which come straight from the hosting company, and not from a third party. This permits Hostloo to keep its prices low and guarantees that you are given the best possible resources for your sites. Despite these reduced prices, you still get exceptional resources. For instance, our OpenVZ VPS servers are more reliable than the ordinary VPSs, since they use advanced solid-state disks offering faster transfer speeds, not traditional hard drives.

You Exert Full Control over Your VPS

You have total authority over the private virtual web hosting server. You are bestowed with root privileges, so you have everything you require to administer your virtual web server. With Hostloo, you can upgrade immediately without disturbing the service, which is a vital point to consider irrespective of what your site will be. Our cut-rate VPS packages include fast account activation and customer care services and no signup taxes. This way, with us, you get the perfect blend of powerful hosting plans, the latest technology and an outstanding customer care service, which makes the company the perfect option for your web hosting needs.

Have a peek now at the great assortment of hosting solutions available at our website and select the one that's best for you. So, purchase VPS hosting plans from Hostloo now!

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